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Metnick, Levy & Dyson

Through our years of practice, our team at Metnick, Levy & Dyson has been able to secure outstanding results for many individuals and families who have suffered harm as a result of negligent and wrongful conduct. We have compiled some notable cases for you to review, which will provide insight regarding the types of cases we have successfully handled. While we cannot guarantee results, we believe that this can help you see how effective our team is in representing the rights of the injured.

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    • $10.68 Million Jury Verdict

      In May 2011, Matt Levy and Ken Metnick engaged in a 7 day trial on behalf of a young child, who was only six years of age when he was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident in Boynton Beach, Florida, which resulted in the traumatic amputation of his left leg below-the-knee. Evidence showed that the child was partially ejected from his father's SUV through a passenger-side window. There was no contact between the two vehicles. The child's seatbelt was found in the upright and locked position, leading the police to conclude he was not belted. The Defense contended that the child's left leg amputation was solely due to not being seat belted in his vehicle, attempting to shift the blame to the child's father. The Defense also argued to the jury that the child should only be awarded $190,000.00 in damages. A Palm Beach County jury, however, disagreed with the Defense and found that the Defendant, who had cut off the vehicle in which the child was a passenger, was primarily responsible for the accident and the child's devastating leg injury. The jury's verdict will help compensate the child for his costly medical treatment to date, for his medical needs in the future, and for his pain and suffering. Amputation/Limb Loss, Car Accident, Personal Injury, Automobile accident

    • $10 Million Jury Verdict

      The firm represented the father of a young man who was killed in an automobile accident in Boca Raton, Florida. At the time of the accident, the father had an automobile insurance policy with State Farm for only $10,000.00 in underinsured/uninsured motorist benefits. State Farm denied the father’s claim and failed to timely offer him the insurance benefits based on insurance policy exclusions that it claimed voided the coverage. However, after having defeated all of State Farm’s insurance coverage defenses before trial, Ken Metnick helped convince a Palm Beach County jury to award the father a verdict far in excess of the value of the State Farm insurance policy. The jury deliberated less than 30 minutes before reaching its verdict. Wrongful Death, Car Accident, Personal Injury, Premises Liability

    • $5 Million Jury Verdict

      Ken Metnick and Peter Dyson co-tried a tragic airplane crash case in Broward County, Florida, which resulted in the death of all four passengers and the pilot on board. The plane crashed over the ocean due to the onset of inclement weather which the pilot was unable to navigate through. The firm represented the widowed father of one of the deceased passengers who was an adult. The case was tried under an area of the law known as the Death on High Seas Act (DOHSA), which holds that only Loss of Companionship damages may be awarded to the survivor and not the typical Pain and Suffering damages which can be awarded under the Florida Wrongful Death Act. The firm tried the case after the Defendant’s insurance carrier refused to pay our client only one-fourth of the Defendant’s $1 million insurance policy. After this refusal by the Defendant, which offered nothing, Mr. Metnick and Mr. Dyson were able to obtain a verdict that was 20 times the amount of the firm’s monetary demand. Airplane case, Wrongful Death, Death on High Seas Act, Personal Injury

    • $4.5 Million Jury Verdict

      Matthew Levy, along with two other attorneys, co-handled and tried a difficult negligent security case which involved the brutal murders of a young brother and sister who were living in an apartment complex in Plantation, Florida. Though the Defendant made it a theme of its case that the victims knew their killers and that this was a targeted hit, the murders still remain unsolved and the case remains open without any suspects. The Defendant claimed that this was an unpredictable and unpreventable crime. However, the Plaintiffs introduced evidence that this was a preventable crime in that there were a series of 20 lesser crimes which occurred at the complex in the previous three years, which were considered pre-cursor crimes to a foreseeable larger crime according to Plaintiff's expert in criminology. The Defendant failed to notify its tenants of these prior crimes and also failed to investigate crime in the complex and the surrounding neighborhood. Evidence was introduced that the front entrance gate to this gated community had been broken for several months leading up to the incident, providing the perpetrators with opportunity to gain unfettered access into the complex, which did not provide any security guards for the protection of its tenants. Instead, the Defendant had an off-duty police "courtesy" officer, whose job was only to protect Defendant's property from vandalism. Defendant only offered $60,000.00 to the victims' families to settle the case. A Broward county jury felt otherwise after a three week trial. Negligent Security, Wrongful Death, Assault Death Case, Premises Liability,

    • $4 million recovery

      Kenneth Metnick and Peter Dyson resolved a life insurance lawsuit which was litigated in Federal Court on behalf of the family of an elderly man who had passed away from cancer shortly after purchasing a life insurance policy. The insurance company denied his family's claim for the life insurance proceeds by failing to disclose that he had been diagnosed with cancer when he applied for and purchased the insurance policy. The insurance company also alleged that the Decedent had engaged in an illegal transaction that would have voided the insurance policy. However, an inter-office email transmission sent by the insurance company was discovered by Peter Dyson in a stack of thousands of pages of documents which moved up the effective date of the Decedent's insurance policy to a date when the Decedent had yet to be diagnosed with cancer. This discovery destroyed the insurance company's position in the case, and resulted in a large settlement on behalf of the Decedent's family. Life Insurance Denial, Life Insurance Dispute, Wills and Trust

    • $3.1 Million Jury verdict

      The firm represented the family of an elderly woman who cut off a cement mixer at a busy intersection when making a dangerous left turn, causing a deadly accident where she was killed. Five independent eyewitnesses blamed the elderly woman for causing the accident. She was also told not to drive by her own doctor shortly before the accident. Despite this and the fact that the cement mixer had the right-of-way and was not speeding, attorney Kenneth Metnick was able to convince a Palm Beach County jury that the cement mixer driver negligently contributed to the accident. The Defendant, Rinker Materials Corp., only offered $8,000 to settle the case before trial. Wrongful Death, Automobile Accident, Truck Accident, Car Accident

    • $3 Million Jury verdict

      In March 2011, Matt Levy and Ken Metnick engaged in a 7 day trial on behalf of three surviving adult children whose mother was tragically killed in a six vehicle motor vehicle accident that occurred in Boynton Beach, Florida. Evidence suggested that the Defendant may have been operating her vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the accident, despite the fact that there was no toxicology evidence admitted at trial. At the time of her unfortunate passing, the Decedent was 70 years of age, had Stage IV lung cancer, and was only expected to live another year according to defense medical evidence at trial. The Defense argued that the Decedent caused the accident and that she was also not seat belted, and that it was her own negligence which was the sole cause of her death. However, the jury found otherwise and rendered a verdict finding Defendant 75% responsible for Decedent's death. Her children were compensated with a full cup of justice for their pain, suffering and loss of their mother's companionship. Wrongful Death, Auto Accident, Negligent Driver, Liability Personal Injury

    • $1.6 Million Recovery

      The firm represented a female homeowner in Palm Beach County whose master shower curb/threshold fell apart as she was exiting the shower, causing her to slip and fall only five months after she moved into her brand new home. The homeowner injured her right leg and lower back, both of which she had injured before her accident. The case was litigated for 2 1/2 years. During litigation, Matthew Levy was able to expose the home builder and the general contractor of the plaintiff’s home for engaging in a fraudulent scheme to construct the plaintiff’s home without any supervision of a licensed general contractor, in violation of state law. Mr. Levy was also able to prove the shower was not built in accordance with the design plans and building codes by the various subcontractor defendants. The six defendants made a joint initial offer of only $45,000. Negligent Construction, Slip/Trip and Fall Accident, Liability Accident, Personal Injury

    • $1.4 Million Jury Verdict

      Kenneth Metnick and Peter Dyson handled a case where the Plaintiff was an off-duty independent contractor who worked at a storage and moving facility. One night, the Plaintiff and a co-worker stayed at the facility after work. When the Plaintiff went to retrieve his personal items from a moving van at the site, his co-worker inexplicably locked him in and refused to let him out. After pleading to be let out for what seemed like hours with no success, Plaintiff forced his way out of the moving van, but in doing so, severed his wrist causing tendon damage which required surgery. The co-worker was subsequently arrested for the incident. After settlement negotiations with the co-worker's employer failed, Mr. Metnick and Mr. Dyson brought the case to trial and persuaded a Palm Beach County jury to award the Plaintiff full damages. Negligent Security, Loss of Sensation in Limb, Personal Injury

    • $1.3 Million recovery

      The firm represented the parents of two teenage boys killed in a one-car accident in Palm Beach County, Florida. Evidence revealed the teenage driver exceeded the speed limit by more than 20 mph, had been driving for only one year, and neither boy was wearing his safety belt. Despite this, Kenneth Metnick and Matthew Levy were able to convince each of the defendants to pay substantial money when it was alleged that a nearby condominium association's sprinkler system was spraying and accumulating water on the roadway at the time of the accident, causing the car to lose control and crash into a tree. Mr. Levy was able to extract from the condominium’s maintenance employee that he had no system for maintaining the condo’s sprinkler system, that he did not inspect the sprinkler heads routinely, that he was never trained how to use the system, and that there was no battery backup on the sprinkler system timer to ensure it started at the proper time. This recovery was achieved despite the fact that it was never proven that the condominium sprinklers were on at the time of the accident. Wrongful Death, Automobile Liability Accident, Premises Liability, Auto Fatality Accident

    • $1.26 Million recovery

      The firm represented a middle-aged woman who was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida, when a young man made a left-hand turn in front of her car at a busy intersection. Both cars had a green light and the Defendant claimed that our client caused or contributed to the accident. The plaintiff sustained injuries that included a fractured leg and torn Achilles tendon, requiring surgery to both. Kenneth Metnick’s persistence was successful as he was able to convince the Defendant’s insurance carrier to tender its full policy limits to the Plaintiff. Automobile Accident, Personal Injury Accident, Intersection Accident

    • $1.12 Million recovery

      The firm litigated a fierce products liability case against an automotive parts manufacturer, its distributor, and the service station who installed the alleged defective product into an automobile in Palm Beach County, Florida. The product was alleged to have caused the vehicle to lose control and engage in a single car rollover accident. The firm represented a young man who sustained severe injuries in the accident, but who made a miraculous recovery. Through the firm's hard work and persistence, along with the help of several expert witness, Kenneth Metnick and Matthew Levy were successful in convincing the Defendants to settle the case right before trial. Products Liability, Automobile Product Liability, Personal Injury

    • $800,000 Recovery

      The firm represented a middle-aged immigrant who was involved in a motor vehicle accident in western Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida, in 2007. The accident occurred when a young woman made a dangerous left turn at an intersection and cut off the van in which the plaintiff was riding as a rear-seated passenger. The plaintiff sustained injuries to his non-dominant shoulder and knee, requiring surgery to both areas. Shortly before trial and just over one year after the accident, Ken Metnick and Matt Levy helped secure a substantial settlement for the plaintiff which was significantly higher than the Defendant insurer's initial offers made on the case. Automobile Liability, Personal Injury Liability, Passenger Injury Automobile Liability

    • $700,000 Recovery

      The firm litigated a complex case in Broward County, Florida, pursuant to the Florida Dram Shop Act against a local bar. It was alleged that the bar violated the Act by serving multiple alcoholic beverages to a habitual drunkard, the firm's client, who then caused a motor vehicle accident while driving drunk, resulting in life-altering injuries. The case was resolved by Matt Levy "on the courthouse steps" after pre-trial motions and only moments before a jury was to be chosen for trial. Defendant's initial offer in the case was only $10,000.00. Dram Shop Act, Alcohol-Related Automobile Accident, Alcohol Establishment Liability

    • $405,000 Jury Verdict

      The firm represented a young man who went to Hooters in Broward County, Florida, for lunch to eat clams with vinegar. While Hooters did bring him clams, an employee accidentally confused oven cleaner for the vinegar. The plaintiff ingested the oven cleaner, causing him to get sick. Despite this, there were no burns in the plaintiff’s mouth, throat, or lips. More than one year after the incident, the plaintiff for the first time complained to a doctor he had lost his sense of taste. While Hooters denied he lost his sense of taste and claimed he was exaggerating, a Broward County jury disagreed with Hooters, and awarded the plaintiff a verdict far in excess of Hooters’ offer. At trial, Kenneth Metnick and Matthew Levy had their client conduct a unique demonstration to the jury in spite of Hooters’ objections where the plaintiff ingested Louisiana hot sauce without even flinching; this demonstration proved to be a deciding factor in the case. Personal Injury, Permanent Loss of Taste Injury, Negligent Care Liability, Restaurant Food Liability