Plane, Train and Boating Accidents

Personal injuries resulting from airplane, train, and boating accidents can range from the tremendous destruction and loss of life caused by a crash, to the less serious but still significant injuries that can occur while traveling in an airplane, train, or boat. There are many complex factors that go into a successful prosecution of these cases, including determining whether there was pilot or conductor error; if the equipment was properly maintained; and if there is liability on the part of the manufacturer, distributor, component part supplier, maintenance team, corporation, or other entity.

Metnick, Levy & Dyson has the skill to establish the cause of airplane, train, and boat accidents, determine who should be held responsible, and what theories of liability to pursue and ultimately succeed at trial. The firm also has the ability to represent individuals injured while traveling on airplanes, trains and boats, including injuries from falls, head injuries from items falling out of overhead storage areas, drowning, burns, and other serious injuries.